Step Kings - 3 The Hard Way (We Put Out Records) - Back
"3 The Hard Way" is the Step Kings latest offering and also their third release. The band all started back in early ?97, when Fern, Bob, and Mike started playing clubs all around New York City. Since then they have had their ups and downs, but now they have seem to level off somewhere in the middle. They have more of a rock out attitude now, which I think gave the band some direction. The band plays with heaviness and groove but they also convey a meaning with their songs. "Helicopter" might be a different song, but it makes sense to use a different style, since life has changed in the U.S. since 9/11, and that is what the song is about. The rest of the ten tracks convey their own meaning and of those songs my favorites are "3 The Hard Way," "California," "Zero and Ones, "Your Life Crisis," and "The Dove" probably the most. The Step Kings have definitely matured since their start, and I'm sure they have learned a good deal on the road with bands like Incubus and Slipknot that they can use in the future.

Rating: 78