Steve Walsh - Glossolalia (Magna Carta) - Back
When you think of Kansas, you don't think of metal. Steve Walsh, vocalist of Kansas, has put out an album, that I wouldn't say was metal, but it does sound a little like the heavier music. Its like a cross between a 70's rock band crossed with a Dream Theater type band. Very interesting and different sounding, then all bands out there. When I first listened to this CD I didn't know what to think of the music. The genre bounced all over the place. But all in all, it's a pretty decent album. Its more of the hard rock genre then anything I guess. There are some really cool riffs in the title track "Glossolalia," "Haunted Man,"and "Smackin' The Clown." Some of them get you right into the song. The solos on this CD convey a lot of feeling, much like Dream Theater solos due. Nearly sixty minutes of music will confuse and entertain you on ten tracks. If you like 70's rock or Dream Theater type music, especially the new stuff, you probably will enjoy "Glossolalia." If your interested in finding out more about Steve Walsh go to

Rating: 71