Stormlord - The Gorgon Cult (Scarlet Records) - Back
An awkward scenario would be to merely compliment Stormlord's hard work on this 3rd opus, The Gorgon Cult. I believe a better way of putting it would be--- holy shit, Batman!!! I haven't heard such marvel black metal excellence since Anorexia Nervosa's "New Obscurantis Order"! This is, indeed, excellent!! Stormlord, an Italian six-piece dark/black metal outfit, have amassed a sound that suites both melody and brutality while simultaneously initiating great sophistication with full-blown chaos! The keyboards compliment every single guitar riff, while the drumming precision is absolutely mind-blowing. You can decipher anything from Hypocrisy to Dimmu Borgir to Oxiplegatz. I am also awe-struck in amazement with the bands' diversion and tightness, as they are as sound as night and day. Although, the only drawback for me was the weird choral-chanted vocals that show up from time to time (most notably, the latter part of "The Oath of the Legion"). Even then, the oddly delivered vocals lead into a kick-ass mosh-riff. So in essence, the drawback really is nothing but a microscopic grain of sand. I had kinda been looking forward to this release for some time, but did not expect it would be this good!! Also, on this release are appearances by Giuseppe Orlando of Novembre and Valerio Di Lella of Grimness just to name a few. An even bigger surprise was the Maiden cover of "Moonchild" (which was very delicately and aggressively handled)! A tremendous production as well as some killer album artwork. This is some dark, melancholic & sophisticated black metal excellence!!

Rating: 93

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell