Stratovarius - Stratovarius (Sanctuary Records) - Back
Stratovarius have made an amazing selection of music over their existence. Schredding solos and rock-solid riffing have been the cornerstone for this band, along with the vocals. Their choruses and solos are strong points once again. Now with that said, lets talk about the negative. I know, this review might sounds kind of harsh, but I almost expect more from this band. Some of the tracks don’t have that extra edge that I have grown to love. I wonder why? They still show their abilities…maybe I’m expecting too much. It’s not like they can’t play, they just didn’t play up to their full abilities, in my opinion. This self-titled CD doesn’t have the feeling, vitality, gripping power or energy as their other discs. To go along with that, the vocals soar; maybe not as well as other discs, but nothing is that bad. This disc is akin to Stratovarious’ version of Iron Maiden’s “Fear of the Dark”. It’s still good, but not as good as they have been previously, while still having some nice songs. What I mean by this, is its not quite as technical and the songs are not quite as catchy…not as intense either. Well enough of that. These nine tracks should still grab their fans by the balls, and pull in new fans. The first single and video is “Maniac Dance” which actually isn’t my favorite track. I always seem to prefer the non-singles for some reason. “Just Carry On” was the most impressive to me. Overall this self-titled may not be quite as impressive as other efforts, but it’s still a solid effort…A very solid effort.

Rating: 83