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Crossing the sounds of a few well know hard rock/metal bands, Stretcher has released their first full-length which is self-titled. If you listen to Tool, Rage Against The Machine, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and even a little Korn, then I think you may see the similarities between the previously mentioned bands and Stretcher. I have listened to Stretcher in the past, and they have definitely progressed. A benefit for any band that loves playing music. Overall this is a solid CD, the production is good, and there are good riffs throughout the album and a few songs, that I think, stick out more then the rest. My favorite song on the CD is track four "Ugly Truth." The track opens up with a sick ass riff, and you get right into the song. My other favorite tracks are "Don't Ask" and "Dream Myself Awake." The full-length has eleven tracks on it, that includes an intro, and the total length of this release is over forty-one minutes. If these guys can write more songs like "Ugly Truth" and take some of the cool riffs from the other songs then I would not be surprised to see these guys picked up by a label. The only thing I think the band needs to do is to organize their songs, and they will be on their way.

Rating: 76