Subsonic – Super-Vel (Outlaw Entertainment) - Back
Subsonic leader Ron Marks, former Celtic Frost lead guitarist and composer, steers this band to a familiar but unique sound. The best description of Subsonic is a cross between Godflesh and thrashy version of Nine Inch Nails. The thrash elements are probably the most noticeable trait with the heavy pounding riffs. A couple ballads help make this a well-rounded album. The one thing that could have added some edge and more power to the music is the convention of a real drummer, not something done by electrical means. Electronic drums get annoying after a while. “Super-Vel” is twelve intense tracks for over thirty-seven hammering minutes. All songs are decent but “Just Hit Pomona” is my number one pick, “Will It Go’Round In Circles” is pretty good as well. I don’t think Subsonic created something special with this CD, just something that’s a little different the norm.

Rating: 71