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Ron Marks has really out done himself with ‘No Such Soul’ without trying compare ‘no such soul’ to last solo album it’s quite easy to see why he has been put forward for preliminary Grammy nominations! Ron Marks better known for his work during the eighties with heavy metal greats Celtic Frost is a musical genius, not only did Ron write, arrange and perform all the material on the new album, he also engineered and produced it! This album proves that Ron Marks is more then the stereotypical heavy metal guitarist. ‘No Such Soul’ is out now through sonic wave international and is a great addition to any hard rock collection. I hope you enjoy my track-by-track review of ‘No Such Soul’. “Irreverence” - Melody is great. This is a very cool hard rock opening track to what is promising to be a great album. What I love about ‘Irreverence’ is that it’s got simple riffs, simple drum patterns proving once again that a great song doesn’t need to have five tempo changes in the first two minutes. “Dream American” - ‘Hit that ass and worship illusion’ is one of my favorite lines in this song that’s basically taking the piss out of the American dream. For the most part this is a great song. I loved the lyrics I found them to be arranged well, but I felt it was lacking musically. “Play The Fool” - I loved this track, Ron Marks vocals blew me away on Play the fool. I found Ron’s singing style on this track had a Paul Stanley feel to it, which was very cool. All though ‘Play the Fool’ runs a little under two minutes this track rocks! “A.M.R.O.C.” - What a fantastic song. The melodies are brilliant, this is another track without complicated drumming and it has some killer guitar riffs. Ron has done a fantastic job on ‘A.M.R.O.C.’ both musically & vocally. This is defiantly one of my favorite songs on the album. “A Day Late” - From the first time I heard ‘A Day Late’ I knew I was going to love it. I have always been a sucker for the ballads. I really felt that the guitar solo worked very well in a day late it really compliments what I would refer to as one of the best rock ballads I have heard in years. “Love” - This is the best song on the album. It is also one of the heaviest songs on the album. When I first heard ‘Love’ I immediately thought of Disturbed, this song has that same sound that Disturbed gave us on their first album ‘The Sickness’. With a title such as ‘Love’ don’t be expecting this one to be slow and mushy. Musically brilliant, vocally outstanding and very well written, this one is for fans of bands such as Disturbed. “Delilah” - I love the intro to ‘Delilah’ it has a punk/dirty rock feel to it. On the other hand it has this total eighties rock vibe. You won’t be able to help yourself you will find yourself singing along to this track! “Fix” - ‘I need a fix, I don’t care how I get it’ This is a lyric that rings true with each and every one of us, whether it is drugs, music, money or something else. I absolutely love this track. I constantly find myself singing along to this one! “The Man Who Sold The Sun” - There are always going to be songs that we will hear, that in our minds we think we could have done heavier or in a different way, for me this was one of those songs. I wasn’t a big fan of this track. “Keystone Punk” - Well for most hard rock and or heavy metal fans the first words that come out of your mouth when you hear Keystone Punk will be “What the Fuck”? This song most certainly doesn’t have much to offer to lovers of the heavier music considering the track has much more of a hillbilly/country groove through out! I personally quite enjoyed this track, given the flow & different arrangements of various tracks on the album I feel it fits in quite well. “Horror Vacua” - Well after hearing ‘Keystone Punk’ this unlisted track will blow your head off. I love that Horror Vacua is a heavy track but it’s far from one of my favorites. I will say I loved the killer vocals towards the end of the song. Musically it lost me early on! Well as you can see this album fares much better for me then the latest Bon Jovi release. If you are a lover of rock, hard rock and metal music then this is defiantly an album to add to your collection. All though there are a couple of songs on the album that you will have to play a few times before you fall in love with them for the most part it is a great album, with ever changing melodies & moods. The song writing was very well done and there are a few songs you will be singing along to in no time.

Rating: 75

Reviewed By: Cameron Edney