Sucker[p]unch - Attitudes To Hellth And Fitness (Spiky Black Cat Records) - Back
"Attitudes To Hellth And Fitness" is Sucker[p]unch's debut single. The song is pretty good. It's definitely on the heavier side of their music. The sound that they have created is like a heavier Rollins Band crossed with some of their influences from Faith No More and some stoner rock. The disk has a total of four songs, in which the second track "Whatever (Commit Yourself)" is also on their upcoming debut album "Global Village Idiot." Some of the craziness that they have engraved into their music can be found throughout this CD, especially in the last track. The one thing that this single has done for me is give me a good impression in which to give an accurate opinion on Sucker[p]unch. If you're a fan of the Rollins Band, I'm sure that you will have some interest in this band, and if you are a fan of some of Faith No More's antics, then you may find much more for yourself and even more then I have.

Rating: 73