Sucker[p]unch - Product (Spiky Black Cat Records) - Back
Including excerpts from their new album "Global Village Idiot," this three song promo shows what Sucker[p]unch is all about. Influences for this band included Faith No More, Black Sabbath, Helmet and the Rollins Band. When I first popped this disk in my CD player the first band I thought of was the Rollins Band. Their sound is pretty good, and the productions is good as well. This disk has three tracks and the fourteen and a half minutes of music to give you a walk on the bands crazy side. Calling their music "Spooky Weirdcore," Sucker[p]unch ads their love of sick humor, unpredictability, and dark and heavy riffs to create an approach that is truly their own. None of the tracks on the disk were bad songs, but the only one that I enjoyed was "I Loathe You." All, I can say that I wasn't totally thrilled with this CD, but the way that they create their music makes me want to at least check out the rest of the songs on this disk. It's not that Sucker[p]unch is a bad band, it's just that I might need a little more to understand this band.

Rating: 67