Sudden Death - Injection of Hate (Deadbang Records) - Back
The first thing that came to mind when I threw this in my CD player was Internal Bleeding. Certainly you can imagine a band that is named Sudden Death to either be a cheesy power metal band or a brutal death metal band. The second alternative is the answer. Sudden Death is from Italy and this album (entitled, Injection of Hate) is their second full-length release, which contains 9 songs / 28 minutes play time. The style of death metal that they have chosen is rather simple, but not really over-repetitive. Lots of riffs and fast kick drums. There aren't really a lot of solos, but the ones that are present are very brief. Sorta like those old-Grave solos. I would say the best song here is track 8 (Chronicles of Ades), which has some fancy rhythms and twin-guitar melodies. Almost sounding like ol' Chuck (Death / Control Denied- RIP) and some other parts similar to some faster Deicide riffs. The album does get boring from time to time for me, but that is more due to the very trebly production. Nothing flashy or ultra-blah, just good old-school death metal. If you dig bands from the late-80's / early-90's death metal era, you just might dig these guys too.


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell