Sultan Of String - Asian And Oriental Metal Guitar Preview 2000 (Independent) - Back
Damn, the "Sultan Of String" has put together a pretty good demo. These two songs definitely show his talents on guitar. He can definitely shred. Dan sent a copy of his CD to Jason Becker and he liked it quite a bit. That's quite impressive coming from who I think is one of the best guitarist ever. So you can see Sultan Of String can play. I wish there was a couple more songs on this CD, its hard to tell how much you can like a band with just two songs. The second song "Yellowfant" is a pretty good song, a lot of feeling in his music. But I think the first song wasn't quite as good. Eight minutes of music does not last that long either. I am interested in what this Swiss Metal Guitarist has to offer. I want to see what a whole album would sound like from this guy. I give him a lot of credit because of his ability to play, but I want to see if he can carry this throughout a whole album. So I am gonna leave myself undecided about the Sultan.

Rating: 77