Sunna - One Minute Science (Astralwerks) - Back
Sunna is the best band that exemplifies the sound of the early nineties in the hard rock/alternative genre. Their sound is like a mix of Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots. A very solid choice approach for a band. "Once Minute Science" really does not stray to one band sound, it's pretty much an equal mix of the bands I mentioned. This 11 song CD last for basically 49 minutes and every song seems to have a different sound, but if that's a bad thing, that is really up to you. I'm sure everyone will have different opinion on this CD because it is so diverse. It shows that they aren't stuck on one thing. Sunna did a tour with A Perfect Circle back in August and September, a very suitable band for them to tour with. If you like A Perfect Circle, you might like these guys. If your interested in hearing some of their music you can go to and they have sound files there. My favorite tracks on this CD are "I'm Not Trading" and "Power Struggle" This CD is not metal, but if you like hard rock/alternative and a little industrial, you might like this CD. Astralwerks sent a video tape with the video for "Power Stuggle" on it to me as well. If you get to check out this video, do so, it's a very cool video. All in all it's a good CD, but its really not my cup of tea.

Rating: 65