Supermercado - Scary Baby (Dark Star Records) - Back
Supermercado utilizes a combination of modern hard rock and nu metal to make up the majority of their music. They can get a nice groove going on “Scary Baby”. And people that like music a little heavier, they actually have some riffs that should be right up your alley. But don’t expect this to be a pure metal disc, because it isn’t. They have some really aggressive riffs at times and can rock out pretty well too. I have heard various other bands with similar qualities as Supermercado, due to that, this disc sounds familiar even though this is the first I’ve heard this band. Disturbed, Dope, Powerman 5000, Godsmack, (hed) pe, Static X, Sevendust, Rage Against The Machine all seem like bands that helped to contribute to Supermercado’s sound. One thing that could separate this band from the rest is that they don’t just have a singer that raps part of the lyrics, but they have a guy that is a rapper/soul singer. It adds a little more then other bands and reminds me a little of the soulful singing of Sevendust’s Lajon. A lot of their tracks have a radio quality sound, in which you would almost expect to hear some of these songs in the air. All the songs are between three minutes and four and a half, perfect for radio…eleven tracks total and over forty-two minutes. Nothing is bad, just nothing to different from the ordinary. For me it might have too much influence from music other than hard rock, at least for my taste. I still like the disc overall, but not totally my cup of tea. People into nu metal and hard rock shouldn’t have a problem with this at all, so check it out!

Rating: 79