Supervillain - Supervillain Demo 2003 (Independent) - Back
Total friggin rock 'n roll!! This is the stuff that created so much in the musical world. From Zeppelin to Sabbath, Maiden to Slayer, Dark Angel to Morbid Angel, etc.... it all started with rock 'n roll. As soon as I slipped Supervillain with a test spin, I immediately heard a stoner rock/metal version of AC/DC. It was quite ironic since I had been listening to AC/DC at work today. Regardless, this stuff sounds very solid... as if they had been doing this for many years. The drums are technically intact (as in rock, should be), the screeching guitar solos are there, the bass and rhythm guitar are almost perfectly united, and the vocals are totally AC/DC (especially the track, "Aggrophobic") with a hint of old-Exodus. All in all, it's fairly good stuff. The fall-out here is that I don't hear a bit of originality, but then it's hard not to hear little bits and pieces of something these days without sounding like something else. Plus, the songs rock on for nearly 20 minutes making this quite a short experience (given it's only a 5 track demo). A bit of rock 'n roll will never hurt anyone. It's real good to see bands like Supervillain out there keeping the spirit alive! Currently they are working on their first full-length, hopefully they will continue to rock.

Rating: 70