Susperia - Unlimited (Candlelight Records) - Back
Susperia uses and interesting mix of bluesy thrash varied with a little technical death and brutal black metal on their latest “Unlimited.” The vocals add a distinct element to this band that at times is in the vain of Phil Anselmo, Kirk Windstein and especially Chuck Billy. Having vocals with this style of musicians might seem a little odd to some people, but it works especially well with the crushing riffs and blast beats. Think of old Susperia crossed with Testament or a Crowbar meets Dimmu Borgir, but thrash as their main musical element. You can say that Susperia has dropped the idea that they are black metal pretty much completely. They have taken thrash in another different direction, making their sound unique. The musicianship on this CD is stellar, everyone is a professional and they know their way around their instruments. Shredding solos, catchy heavy riffs, filled with the energy, memorable choruses and some surprising melodies. Susperia rocks out! Yes, this is the new direction of the band formed by a former Dimmu Borgir drummer (Tjodalv). Testament fans should find “Unlimited” right down their alley. If you pick a track at random your bound to get a good one, like “Chemistry,” “Devil May Care,” or “Home Sweet Hell.” Every track seems to have the right approach and great direction; every song has at least a few grand parts. I wouldn’t be surprised if people are talking about this album at the end of the year when they are deciding what the best metal album of the year is for 2004.

Rating: 93