Susperia - Cut From Stone (Candlelight Records) - Back
Norwegian thrashers, Susperia, return with their forth studio effort “Cut From Stone.” This disc picks up where their last disc “Unlimited” left off. Very thrashy but they still have black and death parts incorporated in their music. Actually it’s a satisfying blend of old and new metal.

Everyone should hear all the modern black, thrash and death traits, as on their other 3 albums, but what I have noticed on this album are some 80’s metal style riffs mixed in with their modern sound as well. I can’t really put my finger on it exactly, but some of the riffs, for example one of the main riffs in “Distant Memory” remind me of Accept or Motley Crue. That mixed with their modern sound and production kicks ass!! Very energizing!

For the most part “Cut From Stone “is aggressive, catchy, and groove driven. Which makes it rather easy to get into the songs. In addition there are rhythmic drums, rough voiced vocals in variation from black metal screams to almost a clean vocals, choppy riffs, beat driven riffs, melodic riffs, and great rhythm and chorus components. Hell, every song seems to have a least a few outstanding parts to it.

My favorite component of Susperia is their song composition writing ability, it’s strong like a brick wall. They also use nice contrast between heavy and melodic. As well as being very proficient and memorable.

If your not sold yet, here is one final note for you. Daniel Bergstrand produced “Cut From Stone.” He also has worked with In Flames, Meshuggah Dark Funeral, Darkane, Soilwork amongst others. This modern productions is crisp and heavy, just what the doctor ordered!

In closing, if you like thrashy, haunting metal, with more than your typical edge, then Susperia’s “Cut From Stone” will be to your liking. Thrash ‘til death!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins