Svartsyn - Destruction of Man (Sound Riot Records) - Back
If comparisons are to be made, older Mayhem and Darkthrone would be the best! Svartsyn, hailing from the frozen domains of Sweden, have created an occult black metal atmosphere only the true diabolical could appreciate. With "Destruction of Man" being their fourth album, the dark duo have unleashed their finest work to date. This one is definately a good spin-off from the "...His Majesty" release back in 2000, which from what I now understand had substantial success in Germany, Poland, Sweden and the United States. As soon as "Archdemon of Binah" started, Darkthrone all the way!! Certainly, the song I found most distinguishable and reluctant to their further leap into the abyss was "Devil's Image". It kinda reminds me of earlier Marduk, but also a "Svartalvheim"-era Ancient. Blazing instrumentation, limited keyboards, raw production and grim, black vokills!! I enjoy the occassional raw-recorded black metal opus, but for the most part would hesitate. Ornias and Draugen (ex-Dark Funeral) seem to be the masters of their domain, however evil or raw it may be. Some bands just don't cut it, Svartsyn just does......

Rating: 78

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell