Svartsyn - Timeless Reign (Carnal Records) - Back
In a day of crystal clear production for symphonic black metal bands, traditions from the origination of the genre don’t seem to be noticed that much anymore. But beware bands that follow the traditions of occult black metal still make meaningful impressions.

Enter Svartsyn, a band that has been around since the early days of the Scandinavian black metal art. Over the years they have produce several releases from their blackened souls. “Timeless Reign” is their latest opus. You can feel your spirit slowly die and become one with the dark one as you listen.

The current lineup is made up of two malevolent gentlemen from Sweden. The original founding member Ornias tortures the bass and guitar as well as decreeing the vocals while Draugen (ex-Dark Funeral, Illska, Incursion) brutalizes the drums.

Musically “Timeless Reign” is mid to fast paced with the usual suspect of blast beats being used for intensity and dominance over the listener. The changes and fills keep this onslaught from drying to a scab over your bleeding ears. Cold and hostile melodies, expeditious licks, and a desolate atmosphere radiate from the guitars. Menacing bass pulses sit in the back as a bridge between the guitars and drums. A very lethal combination of instruments, but one must not forget Ornias’ stinging brand of black metal vocals being exclaimed from what sounds like a deep abyss; maybe from Satan’s lair.

These seven tunes and over forty minutes of black metal will keep you nice and warm in dark days of winter when you need to burn bibles to keep from freezing. If you like metal at the utmost extreme then Svartsyn’s “Timeless Reign” will forever take you home.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins