The Tall - Meet The Tall (Backstage Records) - Back
“Meet The Tall” is an appropriate name for the debut of the band The Tall. These guys play hard rock/metal like Chevelle and Tool with maybe a little System of a Down. For the most part most, the songs are good, but one thing that lessened the quality of their songs was how they end. In the various decent tracks for some reason these guys continue the songs past an appropriate ending point. They continue it with electronic stuff or samples, which doesn’t relate the rest of the track. It runes the songs and the album’s energy and flow, they basically wasted time on unneeded electronic parts. The vocals are a cross between Maynard James Keenan (Tool), Jonathan Davis (Korn) and Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) and it fits really well with the style. Musically, even though simple for the most part, is catchy and it’s rather easy to get into the songs. They have the sound that many hard rock bands have that eventually make it to regular radio play. On the other hand, not to take away from the positives of what the band can do, but they do play somewhat immature. It mostly has to do with the extra stuff I commented on earlier. I think The Tall could become quite a good band if they leave the extra stuff off that doesn’t fit in when they write their next release.

Rating: 69