Tarm - Veretasu Maade Poeg (Hexenreich Records) - Back
Tarm was official dubbed this bands name in the fall of 2005 and after a few years under the moniker Soontagana. “Veretasu Maade Poeg” is pretty much raw pagan black metal, but you can hear some of their previous folk metal resonance. I think it might be due to the battle drum, beat driven, black metal riffs. The band keeps a pretty good rhythm with those riffs and they create a nice haunting atmosphere too. This ambiance starts at the beginning of this disc with an intro. It’s an instrumental with sound effects, a good way to present the vibe of a record from the start. Kind of sets the mood for this disc. Band founder Küüvits Sünge uses unique black metal vocals. Metal Fanatix writer Tom and I have kind of been joking around about the progression of extreme music over the last few years. And we thought soon there could be a new style to develop, something like gasping metal or gasping black metal. But this is no joke! The vocalist does a gasping black metal vocal like a ghastly, howling demon. It can make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. I think it’s awesome! Add few more of those battle drum, black metal riffs with those screams and “Veretasu Maade Poeg” would be even more to my liking. Six tracks and almost twenty-five minutes of raw black metal…done the as it should be.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins