Teardown - Cold Rooms (Independent) - Back
Born in 2001, and inspired by Katatonia, the band Teardown was formed and out to create a metal creation of their own. Whether you call this gothic, doom metal or rockin’ doomy gothic metal, one thing for sure is they have nice cohesion and work well together. The band creates colorful musicscapes throughout this demo. Generally a nice atmosphere, even violin, set the mood for Teardown. “Cold Rooms” is technically their third release. You will find an assortment of pleasing traits on the four tunes and almost nineteen minutes. Nice acoustic guitar work. Works well when layered with gothic doomy electric mode. There are various melodic death influences with guitars too. Probably the most attractive part to their music is female vocals. Katja doesn’t have a really special style or approach, it just a very likeable technique. The beautiful female vocals are similar in approach to Anneke from The Gathering. Also, they are kind of like the female vocals on Anathema’s older tracks “Everwake” by Ruth, but more vibrant. Teardown reminds me of an assortment of bands depending on the part. Certain things remind me of the Gathering, Within Temptation, Anathema. Or collectively it’s like HIM or Sentenced with female vocals. At any rate, I like it…and I can’t wait for more!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins