Tears of Decay – Saprophyt (Cudgel Agency) - Back
Ten songs and about thirty-three minutes of death metal with a bloody vein of grindcore are on Tears of Decay’s second release and first full-length effort “Soprophyt.” The band is similar to Dying Fetus, Hate Eternal, Skinless, and Cannibal Corpse; a real raw, guttural, brutal death and grind blend. This disc is heavy enough to give an eighty year old a bowel movement. But, “Saprophyt” has a raw mix. A little studio work might be beneficial but it could lose the brutal resonance. It also, sounds like something was to loud when they were recording, it sounds muffled a times. Nothing on this CD was great, but there are a handful of songs that have some promise and they include “Blind Reality,” “Homo Homini Deus Est,” “Soul Suicide,” and the title track “Saprophyt.” Unrelentless drums and some really kick ass riffs is what makes those songs good. Overall “Saprophyt” is a decent effort, if the band matures some, then you might see these guys make big name for themselves.

Rating: 60