Tenebrae - Live At The Funky Munky (Independent) - Back
As I listened to “Live At The Funky Munky” I tried to pay attention to the music and not the recording to get more of a true reading of Tenebrae’s music. This is a live recording, so you usually can tell that the quality isn’t that great. However, you can still hear just about everything. It just gets a little annoying when the levels change for no reason. Anyhow this seems like a metal band that has many positive elements. Female singing vocals offset the death or black growls quite well, there are some clean male vocals too. She can hit the high notes pretty well. The keys set a nice atmosphere with the guitars. Epic doom sounding riffs along with some acoustic riffs aid in this aspect. I’d love to hear their music cleaned-up! It’s not a professional recording so I guess this would be expected. Solos are decent, but at times they seem a little imperfected, it’s hard to tell due to the recording quality. The four songs and over twenty-two minutes of length appear a little unorganized, but its probably because it’s live. You can tell the majority is good music but the live production kind of ruins it.

Rating: 71