Tenebrous - Arias Towards The Black Sun (Deathgasm Records) - Back
When you first hear “Arias Towards The Black Sun” you will think Tenebrous is another dark, atmospheric, black metal from Scandinavia. Nope, not this time…these guys actually are from the US. They are mostly speed driven and filled with a horde blast beats. The black metal vocals are also what you would expect, a good grimacing scream, nothing that whines or shrieks. Fans of Burzum, Emperor, Graveland and Abigor should be able to find something they like on this disc. I guess you could call their style modern heathen black metal too, but without the super-produced sound of today’s black metal. Don’t get me wrong, the recording is not bad, it’s what you should expect from this type of band. Being that there is only really six songs in the 8 tracks and over 24 minutes, its feel more like a MCD. The intro and outro don’t really add much. This extreme blood curdling black metal was issued as a limited edition unique handmade digipak and has a great layout. If you like the sound of the black metal, done the correct way, check out Tenebrous!

Rating: 82