Tenhi - Maaäet (Prophecy Productions) - Back
Amassed with the prowess of nature, Tenhi return with their 3rd opus entitled "Maaäet". Maaäet (or in English translation - Earthmother) is another deep journey through not only their folk inspirations, but also through lyrics and beautifully layed-out photography. The listener, or venturer, will encompass 12 hymns or 60 minutes of fantastic folk music. The album is a combination of their 2 previous full-lengths ("airut:ciwi" not included, that would be 3 "releases" previous), filling the gaps of romantic auras and natural inspirations with acoustic guitar & acoustic bass, piano, classical strings, keyboards, brush / drumwork, and clean voice or whisper (at times). To me, this sounds more similar to Empyrium (or maybe that would be vice versa?) than the other Tenhi albums, but with stronger intentions. The lyrics are still written in Finnish tongue with English translations, which is good for us in the States I guess (it wouldn't really matter either way). Artwork has more correlation to the music, giving the listener a much wider spectrum of feeling to utilize. I may be able to review this disc all day, but words really are not as appropriate as the music itself. If you enjoy extremely touching & beautiful music, Tenhi's catalogue is a superb relevance...


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell