Tenhi - Airut: Aamujen (Auerbach TontrÂger/Prophecy Productions) - Back
Over the past 6 or 7 years, Tenhi has emerged as one of the most influencial and beautifully crafted avant-garde bands in music. In the latter part of 2006, the Finnish quartet have decided to continue the airut saga which began a few years ago with "airut:ciwi". The second is called "airut:aamujen", which features 9 tracks of mesmerizingly-intelligent, piano-based sentiments. These chapters in Tenhi’s discography are of the much simpler musical tenure, not the progressive acoustic approach as they are more known for. However, these new hymns are no different as far as reaching out and grabbing your soul for an hour or so. It's about finding yourself and creating your own journeys, which is what Tenhi has always seemed to be (at least for me). One of the most prime examples on the album is the track, "Lävitseni Kaikkeen" (or "Thru Me and Into Everything" as is transcribed in English). The music brings about an aura of dreams and memories past. Almost a sadness and a joy intertwined as one.... simply beautiful! A more rock approach can be found on "Luopumisen Laula" (or "Eloign"). The majority of the album is kind of slow paced and relaxing. Anyone whom owns anything previous will understand. Tenhi has found the hearts of many in the rock & metal worlds and for those who have not entered their dominion as of yet, perhaps will find peace within their music...


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell