Ten Rail Cell - Human Fuel Explosion (Independent) - Back
“Human Fuel Explosion” is a four song promo of about twenty minutes in length from a band that hails from Thessaloniki, Greece, named Ten Rail Cell. Formed in 2001, after 2 demos (2004, 2005) they have their 3rd release in this promo. This is more or less a CD single with the title of the promo “Human Explosion” as the only studio work.

Ten Rail Cell have a thrashy, doomy appearance at times, but seem to be death more than anything. Reminds me somewhat of Moonspell, especially with the vocals. One thing prominent we’re the death growls. The raspy death techniques are akin to each other. Drums seem to have similar patterns as well. The riffs seem to be from many metal sources, but brought together on this to create somewhat of a unique sound. Or at the very least, something refreshing.

Not really sure of my opinion on “Human Fuel Explosion.” I like the studio track alright, and I wish it had a little more session time to get a real feel for the band. The live tracks were ok, just sometimes they can seem a little stale. However I still would like to see where this band goes. There are traits that could create interest and attract fans.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins