Teratism – Ex Infernus (Root of all Evil) - Back
Extreme is written all over Teratism’s CD “Ex Infernus.” These songs are the early work of the band and these tracks are a precursor to their first two albums. Teratism is composed of current and former members of Anal Blast, Lorde of All Desires, Mourning, Pentagoria, and Theatre of the Macabre and they have composed an unpolished black metal band. To some people a muffled recording is liked with extreme black metal. But this is just like any other unproduced album; it’s really nothing special. If you can’t here what the band is playing, then the band needs to fix something. From what I did hear on “Ex Infernus” reminded me of Dark Funeral and Incantation a little, which leaves them some potential. There are four songs of raw black metal for about sixteen minutes of malevolent fueled music. Hopefully they can fix up the quality of the production in their future releases, they might be able to get someone interested.

Rating: 56