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Testament has been around in the metal scene for years now. In that time they have wrote and recorded some of the best thrash songs ever written. The band has now released a CD with songs from the past with the new millennium crunch. Imagine all your favorite Testament songs all on one disk, re-recorded with cleaner sound as if they were brand new songs. Not to mention Steve Souza joins Chuck Billy on vocals. Most people don't know Steve. He was the singer of The Legacy, the original name of Testament. Also former Testament members Alex Skolnick and John Tempesta have joined for this rare occasion. Famous songs like "Into the Pit," "Trial by Fire," "Disciples of the Watch," and "The New Order," are a few of the eleven songs on "First Strike Still Deadly." The last two tracks on this disk are songs from The Legacy's rare demo, so all the songs that helped Testament grow in the early years are represented on this nearly fifty minute CD. Few of the great metal bands that started in the eighties are around today. Hopefully Chuck Billy will make a fast recovery so that these metal tyrants can get back into the studio to write more tracks to help shape the metal scene more, and back on the road to crack more skulls!!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins

Second Review:

I always viewed Testament as being always in the shadow of Metallica (from their 1980's era). The fact that I was skeptical in buying this release was due to mainly their poorly produced first 2 releases ("The Legacy" & "The New Order"). The fact that they decided to give their audience a re-recording of their best selected first and second album releases plus a track off of "Return To The Apocalyptic City" was a triumphant shock.

The D-tuned guitars, pounding drum, and vocals of Chuck Billy (Steve Souza is featured on tracks 10 & 11) make Testament's re-recording a milestone in my opinion. So what is all the hype about since it isn't anything new here they're trying to cash in on this you might be asking. I say it isn't hype and it isn't cashing in but rather re-establishing themselves as Thrash Metal pioneers. They have never cashed in I don't think this was EVER the case.

You still may be asking "if they are to you in Metallica's shadow then why is this release given so much praise?". Well, to put it bluntly Testament always stayed true to their Thrash Metal roots and never compromised their musical style for the sake of what the world thinks or determines what they SHOULD sound like. Just as in my opinion Slayer as an example said during an interview back in 1985 which was "We're never going to change our style of music."

All of the riffs, even though they are in D-tuning as opposed to the original work which was in standard guitar tuning (E) they sound much heavier like a chainsaw so to speak (or buzz saw for a better analogy). They did their justice in re-recording (I can't repeat this enough!) these songs because they wanted I think to be respected and admired once again as being die hard Thrash Metal pioneers till death.


Reviewed By: Death8699 - http://www.death8699.com/