Tetsuo - Malmohrahkign (Whorth Records) - Back
Where should I start with this one? Well, Tetsuo’s debut CD EP release “Malmohrahkign” is almost unparalleled. There are five tracks and an intro for twenty-seven minutes of death metal and hardcore mayhem. I found it quite easy to get into this disc. Intense and brutal riffs helped along with the heaviness and the technicality of how they write. They take a technical aspect of writing songs like Meshuggah and combine it with the progression jazz-fusion of Candiria. The music at times seem like its mix of song from Candiria, Meshuggah and even the Dillinger Escape Plan and Goatwhore. If that’s hard to understand then picture Chimaira if they were a technical death metal band. “Malmorhrahkign” is well-rounded as a whole and nothing sticks out in a negative way. Picking a favorite song was a probably the only problem I had. So, a few of my favorites are “Cigaratte Put Out In Blood,” “Sky” and “Give That Man A Towel.” The louder you play this CD, the better it sounds, and the more power and energy you feel. Turn this one up and rock the neighborhood!

Rating: 88