Texas Is On Fire - Shine. Set. Repeat. (Crash Music) - Back
Texas Is On Fire is a mix of hardcore and metal from Denver, Colorado. This is their Crash Music debut album; bands including Botch and Soilwork influence it. I think Swedish death and hardcore are a big part of their sound. They seem to have a little more of an edge compared to other bands with similar traits and they use a creative combination of elements with it. There music dances up and down the guitars. Basically they use crushingly heavy riffs, broken up with aggressive riffs, some pushing the borders of what’s melodic and technical. But sometimes the flow in their songs is missing, making their music have abrupt sounding changes that almost ruin the songs. They work well together for being a young band with an average age of 19, better than some bands that have been together for over ten years, but could tighten up a little. A little more variety and choice riff selection would make them sound livelier. A lot of this will just come with age. Vocals, much like the music is a mix of metal and hardcore. Even death metal style occasionally. Ten tracks filled with energy and key riffage for just over twenty-five minutes. Most tracks are under three minutes. The longest tracks are the best-formed tracks in my opinion, also among my favorites. The shorter tracks don’t get that far when compared to the longer ones. “Shine. Set. Repeat.” was recorded and mixed by Jason Anderson (Fear Before the March of Flames, Vaux). I’m sure there will be more to come from Texas Is On Fire.

Rating: 75