Theatre Of The Macabre - A Paradise In Flesh & Blood (Root Of All Evil) - Back
Blacked dark metal seems to be the genre of choice, at least of late. Bands try to be extreme and also eerily calming at the same time. Theatre Of The Macabre are no different from these bands. They do sound a little like the Covenant, but a little rougher, and less produced. "A Paradise In Flesh & Blood" isn't necessarily less produced, it just sounds like cheaper equipment was used for the production. This doesn't necessarily take away from the songs, the do have some pretty good songs. "Enraptured By Temptation" and "Enthroned In The Halls Of Martyrdom" are my favorite songs on this CD, and "Through The Eyes Of The Serpent" is a pretty good song as well. The rest of the songs you can pretty much take them or leave them though. The CD has twelve tracks on it, and lasts for thirty-eight minutes, not all of theses tracks are songs though. They have three short instrumental tracks, or interludes, and the last three tracks are diabolical sound effects. They end this CD on a note, that cannot be written with music. Overall, the CD was decent, it could have been better with a better production, and with music with a little more of a direction. Theatre Of The Macabre have the beginning started, now lets see where it takes them.

Rating: 69