The Chapter - The Chapter (Stark Records) - Back
The Chapter is a Los Angeles based power metal band, that wants to come across as a Dio or Iron Maiden type band. But they do not make that cut. Besides the solos the songs are quite different. The solos are good, the best thing about this CD. Yes they do use galloping type riffs like Iron Maiden, but sometimes it gets to repetitive, all the songs have a similar sound. When you think of Iron Maiden or Dio the first thing that comes to mind is the superior vocals, but the singer, though not a bad singer, does not sound even close to Bruce Dickinson or Ronnie James Dio; sometimes he does remind me of Matthew Barlow of Iced Earth. With a manager and prestige production, they might be able to get what they want. There music is not really all that bad, they just need a direction to be pointed in. There are 4 tracks on this CD that spans over 16 minutes. Give this band some time and maybe Iron Maiden or Dio may pick them up to open up for them on tour. But for now, they should try to rework some of their stuff, or at least get some good management to get them going in the correct direction

Rating: 68