The Firstborn - The Unclenching Of Fists (ProCon Media/Equilibrium Music) - Back
As incomprehensive as originality truly is today, The Firstborn generally are one of the few metal bands who give this a run for its money. The Firstborn are one of Portugal's best-kept secrets in the underground having around 10 years experience as a band, and "The Unclenching of Fists" being their 3rd full-length. There are 13 tracks in all with somewhere around an hour playing time. Originally, the 4-piece fell under the ever-growing death and black metal genre, and it is still quite apparent on this release. However, their music now falls into no specific category. With black, death, power, and thrash metal all twined together, they also incorporate a lot of Oriental ethnic into their already widely diverse metal backbone. The case may rest in the hands of the Tibetan "Book of the Dead" as a conceptual angle on this particular album. Much of the music is off-time with a lot of riffs following suit with the lyrical direction and Far Eastern atmosphere herein. Which is a little odd to hear. As soon as you get into a riff or groove, you kind of get a tribal drum or Sitar to break the rhythm. Smoother transactions would make them sound much better, in my opinion. Whatever the case may be, The Firstborn are definitely for those daring metal extremists to endeavor...

Rating: 81

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell