The Gathering - Accessories - Rarities & B-Sides (Century Media Records) - Back
It’s hard to believe that the Gathering have been around for well more than a decade. They have quite a fan base in Europe, why they never got as popular in the US is beyond my comprehension. As you might know, premier female metal vocalist Anneke van Gierbergen fronts the band. She has a presence like no other, such a beatific voice and amazing singing ability. Her soaring vocals are always so alive! I was lucky enough to catch the Gathering at the Milwaukee Metal Fest six or seven years ago. Wow, what a performance! On this 2 CD set there are quite a compendium of unique tunes. This includes rare and unreleased material; B-sides, import CD singles, covers, unreleased demos and alternate versions…is that enough? How about their amazing songs writing ability? They know how to write songs filled with their gothic rock and doom-laden riffs that pull in the listener. All the tracks listed are from their Century Media catalogue. Not much else to say accept this is a great disc for the Gathering enthusiast.

Rating: 88