The Great Kat - Rossini's Rape (Independent) - Back
The Great Kat is back once again with another compilation of her covers of classical music's great songs, and of course with her chaotic compositions as well. For people that don't know who the Great Kat is, she is a Juilliard graduate violin virtuoso and outrageous speed metal guitarist. There is no doubt in my mind that she can play both violin and guitar as good as or as fast as just about anyone. Her covers of songs have always been interesting to me. On this CD she covers Rossini's "William Tell Overture" for symphony and band as well as Bazzini's "The Round Of The Goblins" for violin, piano and band, and as usual she does a good job. But her own songs are confusing and lack direction. The combination of the 2 songs she wrote doesn't even last 3 minutes, and the whole CD (4 tracks) only last 6 and a half. As I said, she has the talent, hopefully she will lengthen the songs to at least 2 minutes so there is a start and beginning, not just a massive confusion. The only thing I like in her own songs is a little stint in her song called "Castration" that sounds a little like a Stratovarius guitar/keyboard combination. This is one of the Kat's lesser compositions. Hopefully the Great Kat will go back to her older style, of at least completing a song.

Rating: 69