The Haunted - The Haunted Made Me Do It (Earache) - Back
The Haunted are back with their second album entitled "The Haunted Made Me Do It." Im sure that some people will like this album better, and some will like the old one better. It's pretty much were they left off. They still have the At The Gates sound with obviously a different touch. But in the future, they will probably sound a little more like At The Gates because Tomas Lindberg has joined The Haunted. Now with three members of At The Gates in one band, you never know what the direction the band will take. The Haunted has put together another great album, eleven songs that last 36 minutes. There were quite a few songs that I got right into. "Bury Your Dead," "Trespass," "The World Burns," and "Silencer" all a great songs and 4 good reasons to get this CD. If your into death metal, and even thrash, this one is for you, and if you get a chance to see these guys do a show, don't hesitate, just go!

Rating: 89