The Haunted - The Dead Eye (Century Media Records) - Back
I’m kind of surprised at this release, I guess I could see it coming… But, what happened to the days of nonstop intensity, shredding, and pissed-off attitude? Sure “The Dead Eye” does have some of those traits, but not as what I grew to love in their early days. This reminds me of Soilwork at times actually. Which is fine, but why change what worked so well. There is tons of talent in The Haunted, so why don’t they really sound like themselves anymore? Well there seems to be a metalcore influence that has poisoned their sound. Metalcore is fine too, but why so much in The Haunted? There are some tradition melodic riffs that many bands of the metalcore brand use and not to a benefit in my opinion. Kind of makes them all sound generic with those notes because they all sound alike! They need to get back to roots in my opinion. Don’t think this is horrible, it’s not. Just don’t expect to hear their self-titled debut or “The Haunted Made Me Do It.” Producer Tue Madsen helped to record this in Denmark’s distinguished Antfarm Studios. Nothing to point fingers at with the production. One last thing, as it says across the bottom of the promo’s cover… “A 15-tracks Collector’s Edition version with bonus DVD and special packaging also available.” So hopefully that nice package will help you decide on the purchase. As you can tell by my review, this disc has left me with a lot of questions. However if you are a fan of their last couple disc, you shouldn’t have a problem with “The Dead Eye.”


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins