The Missing - Bleed (Independent) - Back
Goth-rock/metal band, The Missing, have five tracks on their latest EP, “Bleed.” It would seem that they maybe influenced by Nirvana and some metal influences including Ministry. There is a large amount of passion in their music, like Eric Draven’s band in the movie “The Crow.” A lot of this feels like a local garage band type of sound, but some their riffs light it up, like Ministry. Aggressive riffs as the main metal riff on track 2, “Scary Kitty.” It complements the cover they do of Ministry’s “Scarecrow.” On the other hand, I felt a couple parts of their songs were a little dry, like it was “missing” something. Maybe if they make the atmosphere a little thicker by adding more keys and sythns…or at least an attempt at filling the whole. For people with computers, the CD is enhanced with live videos, photos and a bio. I’m sure this will appeal to a certain audience, just not me all the time.

Rating: 63