The Nuns - New York Vampires (Triple Silence Limited) - Back
Wow, what an interesting approach to put music together. The Nuns features goth girls, dominatrix, hookers, transsexuals and submissives…does that have your attention? All these backgrounds have formed this industrial, goth, metal conglomerate with simple but effective form. I guess you could call it gothic-metal, 80’s Electro-Pop. “New York Vampires” is The Nuns’ 2003 album. At times, it’s kind of similar to Sisters Of Mercy, Lords of Acid, Skinny Puppy, Bauhaus, Rasputina, etc. Musically their heavier parts can be akin to a minimal version of Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein or Marilyn Manson. There are even parts that are eerie and mystical. On the mic are sexy female vocals, spoken word vocals (like Lords of Acid), and beautiful singing vocals. Some of the vocals remind me of Morgan Lander from Kittie, even some of the guitar riffs to a point. The song “White Slave” was produced by award winning producer “Narada Michael Walden.” His music career has lasted over thirty years. In that time he’s been decorated with numerous gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards. To add to the creation efforts of this disc, I read somewhere that drummer Tommy Price (Billy Idol) and Greta Brinkman (Moby) participated. Also the final track on this disc “Christine” was written by Gene Simmons. In all there are sixteen tracks and over sixty-three minutes in length. Metalheads might want to be aware that there are some metallic elements but the industrial or electronica also incorporated might be too much for you, unless you are into that type of music.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins