The Ocean - Aeolian (Metal Blade Records) - Back
Wow! This is sorta like the grind version of Isis!! Well... more like a Lamb of God / Isis thing. Anyways, the band is called The Ocean and Aeolian is their 2nd output. A 10 song / 50 + minute opus of outstanding death/grind with loads and loads of unique innovation. Of structure, there really is no solid structure in the songs. There is so much thought put into each note that genre defining is made to suffer. One may witness an aggressive early Meshuggah-style death metal sound, followed by a tasteful Isis / Neurosis-like avant-garde break, then maybe grindcore or punk or jazz or ?? It has become apparently and inevitably impossible to define, but extremely enjoyable to listen to. Refreshing is an understatement, but adequate. It's amazing that in a time of mediocrity and cloning in music, that a band hasn't tried this yet. The Ocean has... therefore, The Ocean will be successful for quite a while! Those into anything from Isis to Deicide, ponder buying this!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell