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Masterpiece would be a proper name to describe the self-titled debut of Theocracy. Matt Smith (Theocracy) is a metal orchestra. Yes, one person does everything…this is quite impressive. Matt writes very appealing music as if he knows what everyone wants to hear. This self-title disc is progressive, epic, power metal in the style of Stratovarius, Blind Guardian, and Rhapsody type bands. No elements are missing, the CD feels like a well thought-out, full of sound, album. Great musicianship but the programmed drums take away from the album a minuscule amount. All elements work together well and actually cover up the electronic nature of the drums. But still, this would be even better with a real drummer.
The lyrics are religious but tell a story instead of making you feel like you are being preached too. If you are looking for a good track, just pick one at random…they are all good. The song “Theocracy” is a good example of the previously mentioned Stratovarius feel. My other favorites include “Ichthus,” “Mountain” and “The Healing Hand.” The Healing Hand is one of the 3 songs that are over 11 minutes each. As a whole this disc has10 songs and over 68 minutes. It’s a well worthy purchase for anyone into the more melodic site of metal.

Rating: 88