The Red King - Somniferum (Sonic Abyss Records) - Back
The Red King is a rather new band. Dark Symphonies released their first album, “Vitreolvm,” in 2003. On “Somniferum” they incorporate many different styles to create their own sound. Anything from synth-pop, darkwave, maybe gothic at times too. It’s mystical, industrialized, electronica with atmosphere. Their music styles may vary a little too much for taste actually. But they are definite dynamic. I don’t necessary want to make this comparison but a few times they even reminded me of Marilyn Manson. Overall there are parts that are quality, but the less quality stuff gets in the way. And can make the songs a little awkward. Certain pieces seem to have not much going on; rather simple. Slows the flow. Just need more going on at those places. I think the weaker parts need some energy as well. To blah for me to get into otherwise. However, I do like the keys that set the mood. Dark and eerie, great for this genre. “Someday” is the only track I really got into, but the majority of this is respectable. Couple notes regarding the tracks…the first track is over thirteen minutes in length and the last song is a thirty-minute demonic nursery rhyme. It would seem they could have done a little more with these tracks, especially with the last track. There is really no musical interest for me with “Drip Line.” Sorry to say, but a waste of space in my opinion. If they want a long track at the end, they should do more with it instead of repeating the same thing for 30 minutes!!! People that are fans of Corvus Corax, may find interest in this, maybe not so much musically, but The Red King does have Johann Bran Cleereman in the lineup. This is definitely different than Corvus, so don’t expect Pagan Symphonic Black Metal. If more tracks are formed in the manner they created their tune “Someday” then I will be more than pleased with future releases.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins