The Scourger - To The Slayground (Stay Heavy Records) - Back
Founded by the two remaining members of Gandalf, the new band The Scourger blast themselves onto the metal scene with “To The Slayground.” It’s hard to pinpoint their sound but it’s somewhere between Swedish death and thrash. A host of band may come to mind, including At the Gates, In Flames, Slayer, God Dethroned, Kreator, and Testament. They use many great riffs, melodic death to heavy thrash riffs. Don’t think this is another At The Gates or In Flames copy, their thrash elements add a lot. The riffs keep coming at you like a person with a machine gun emptying their clip into their enemy. Very badass!! This is quite a first impression for me. I already can’t wait for their next disc! The six songs last for almost thirty-two minutes so be assured of no cheap one-minute tracks. One last thing, Samuli Ponsimaa, known as Skrymer of Finntroll, created The Scourger logo. If you think you’d like what I have described to you, don’t hesitate, it’s worth your time. This was a pleasure to review!

Rating: 93