The Shizit - Evil Inside (Independent) - Back
Wow, it's amazing how bands try to put sounds together to make music. The Shizit with their CD "Evil Inside" has came up with another great way. Picture if Trent Reznor was in Slipknot, and through a little a touch of Atari Teenage Riot and the Deftones, and this is what you get. Their songs do change around quite a bit, some might be more Slipknot like and some may have a little more industrial touch, but it's all good. These guys definitely know how to rip it up with songs like "Audio Jihad" and "Gak Bitch," they make you want to punch someone. The songs "My Machine," "32-bit Whore," and "Green Lacer Wins" also get you going pretty good too. I would recommend this CD to anyone that likes Slipknot to someone that likes Nine Inch Nails. Its like NIN on speed! I hope The Shizit continue on what they are doing because they are definitely doing something right! Good job guys!

Rating: 86