The Zimmermann Note - New Deception (Innerstrength Records) - Back
In 2003, The Zimmermann Note was created. After they recorded their first demo, Innerstrength Records signed them. Featuring band members previously in Commit Suicide and Better of Dead their new EP release “New Deception” showcases a stampede of metallic attitude! The music stays interesting, energetic, and brutal. This album has a very aggressive metalcore sound. The music at times is similar to Shadows Fall, At The Gates, The Black Dahlia Murder, In Flames and maybe a hint of The Dillinger Escape Plan. It’s a perfect mix of death, thrash and hardcore. Every so often ferocious vocals will mimic Anders of In Flames. Metallic heavy riffs, melodic Swedish sound, and even catchy brutal breakdowns are all well done. There are some really mind-numbing riffs, harmonies and melodies. These guys know how to write appealing music, “New Deception” should get the attention of hardcore and metal fans alike! This one will rip your face off and melt your mind. After hearing “New Deception,” I expect big things from these guys!

Rating: 88