Thine Eyes Bleed - In the Wake of Separation (The End) - Back
Here in this age of musical styles and crossovers, there could be no better time to set a proper example instead of repeating one's self. First off, let me just say... "Thine Eyes Bleed are great"! Johnny Araya (bro. of Tom from Slayer) and co. have found something beautiful! Unleashing the next step in the metal continuum is a sound that has recently hit the spotlight by only a handful of bands so far (such as Lamb of God, Shadows Fall, Vehemence, and Black Dahlia Murder). Whence, Thine Eyes Bleed have other remarkable angles in their music that set them apart from the aforementioned. These guys are brutal as all hell with tons of melody and technicality similar to death metal legends Monstrosity and Suffocation. I love the quirky, yet stylish guitar work and drum rolls (ex- "Sliver", my fav. track). Throughout the album's duration, there are plenty of catchy rhythms with choppy guitar licks and double kick-pedals! The vocals? Well, bloody insane! Thine Eyes Bleed have held nothing back with their debut release and certainly have pin-pointed a personality of elite proportions. Metal will be essentially, 100% metal (no malicious frauds)! “In the Wake of Separation” should catch the interest of most metal fans into the more underground sounds, but will probably find fans in all fields of music. Put it this way, they're on The End Records!! I haven't heard anything shitty from that label yet!! Great debut!

Rating: 91

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell