Thronar - For Death and Glory (Seven Kingdoms) - Back
As the sword swings and blood is shed, Thronar’s "For Death and Glory" sounds! 'Tis the beginning of a new era in metal.... time for battle! Thronar has much similarity to bands like Thyrfing and Amon Amarth, however different. Taking true Nordic battles to life within single hymns of Viking metal mastery. They are a chaotic blend of black, death and Viking metal to the absolute highest caliber from the Netherlands. Almost so absurd in power, they sometimes execute Nocturnus and Iron Maiden-type sounds. A good example would be the title track, "For Death and Glory." "To Kill and Be King" is so blunt and forthcoming however, you'd better prepare your reflexes for some head bangin'! Their songs are very catchy, yet so sophisticated and atmospheric at times. I love the track, "Screams of Thunder"... a completely bombastic death/Viking metal attack! There are plenty of solos, Viking chants and atmosphere to go around. A nice and slightly muddy production to go along with the chaos makes it a little easier to digest, but you may need some earplugs just incase you feel like cranking your speakers (ha- that's an oxymoron). I really have nothing too over-critical to say about this debut Thronar release. Normally, debuts do not reach my senses like this one does! The Viking quintet have clearly set sails towards a land they shall inevitably conquer! Keep it flowing... keep the blood spilling!!! (in a musical sense, of course!)

Rating: 94

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell