Thunderstone - Tools Of Destruction (Nuclear Blast) - Back
Finnish power metal band Thunderstone has created an album that is somewhat epic sounding at times and at others grittier. “Tools of Destruction” is mid-paced and more progressive than a lot of power metal acts. Formed in 2000, they have developed their sound on this album…compared to their 2 predecessors. This disc stunned me. It reminds me a little of Mercenary, Stratovarius, and Hammerfall all at once. The keys on “Without Wings” will make you think of Stratovarius, right away. There are more sharper-edged and thrashier sounding riffs than many power metal bands. The vocals are done well; they may be the finest part of the band. Every track has at least one strong point and the band does this because they sound tight. Their music has some resemblance to 80’s glam metal, but not in a cheesy way. It’s the strong elements. Speaking of which, the mixing was completed by Mikko Karmila (Children of Bodom, Amorphis), at Finnvox Studios (Sentenced, Moonspell, Stratovarius) in Finland. So you can expect an excellent mix quality on “Tools of Destruction.” I can’t wait for their next disc.

Rating: 84