Thyrfing - Farsotstider (Candlelight Records/Regain Records) - Back
Swedish band Thyrfing was founded by guitarist Patrik Lindgren over ten years ago now. Their sound has been taken from various darkened genres but is basically Viking metal or dark metal with folk and symphonic influences. “Farsotstider” or “Time Of Plagues” is the bands 5th album and fans have been waiting for this album for 3 years. It was well worth the wait! I love how the black metal riffs contrast with the folk melodies, it shows their ability to make their music dynamic. Plus they mix layers of guitars, keys, and drums well. You rarely feel like there is something missing, if at all. One thing I did notice is that this album feels more raw in a natural sense, or dirtier. Not that is a bad thing, but something to mention, nonetheless. However, I did notice the amazing melodic musicscapes set you in a daze. The rhythmic tempo and atmosphere helps with that. This disc has eight tracks that push the forty-three minute mark. If you haven’t partaken in any past music of Thyrfing, this would be a great time to start. “Farsotstider” is among the best Viking/folk metal coming out these days.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins